Saturday, 2 October 2010

Bookworm News (October 2010)

Could ebooks save education?
Digital publishing specialist The Digital Publisher thinks so. With funding cuts looming for UK universities and schools alike, this could be a cutting edge way to use money more prudently and enrich the learning experience by embedding other media such as video and audio in the texts. The company's latest white paper, Advancing Education Through Digital Editions, also points out that ebooks can be changed and updated at a fraction of what this costs for normal books. In other news, students who are just off to university can kickstart their own personal ebook revolution today by downloading a free freshers' guide, What next?: making smarter graduate career choices, created by Additional guides are also planned, including using social media to further your career and how to make the most of your gap year.

Fit a little learning into your day wherever you are on your favoured device with iMinds. Founded in 2009, iMinds produces short-form digital content across non-fiction categories, but to mark its anniversary has also released Know What?, a compilation of its 100 bestselling titles. Eight-minute education snippets make this work even for those who are pushed for time, and cover everything from Music to Business. Accessible via, they remind us of education guru Dylan William's precept that "smart is not something you is something you get".

Ramion competition: meet the author
On October 1st, Ramion launched its 14th story in the collection of children's stories aimed at children aged 7-8. To celebrate, it also has launched a competition so that children can win all 14 books especially dedicated to them. To enter, click on the link, listen to the author read an extract from the newly launched book, answer the question, and set sail on a reading journey for life.

Treasure chest
With Children's Book Week approaching (October 4-10), can help children to read a wider variety of books than ever with its unique book rental service. A monthly membership fee results in books tailored to the child's needs being delivered to their home and allows access to an arguably greater range of books than are available in schools and in local libraries. Children are also equipped with reward charts, downloadable certificates, and the ability to upload book reviews to the Reading Chest website in order to help them not only start reading but continue reading too. And best of all, new customers joining before the end of October get £5 off their first month's membership with the discount code BOOKWEEK. So open the chest - and see what treasure lies within.

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