Sunday, 1 October 2017

It's OctPoWriMo time again! Day 1: How did I get here?

More later on why this blog has been neglected for basically a whole year (oops).

But for now, in an attempt to revive my writing as both a habit and a joy (as well as a potential career-booster) here is the first day of October Poetry Writing Month 2017:


Not just how did I get here,
but indeed how did we?

Magnetised over months,
we eventually merged,
mouths meeting to the music
of millions of bells.

Confounded by the very ground
beneath our feet
we staggered stunned and stupefied
to the place where we were born,
holding on for dear life
as we entered this new world

Blinking in the cool white sun
as it shone through the covers next morning
we too shone in newness.

Now not so much about how we got here
but just as much about how we get back,
we spin and shake with surprise,
struck by the sounds
of this new mesmeric music
as we wait to meet again.


ms_lili said...

i like the surprise phrasings punctuating your work. from light to light...

seekingmeme said...

That opening line is everything about this poem for me. Not I, but we. YES!

Angela van Son said...

Great vibe you managed to catch, well done!