Thursday, 5 October 2017

OctPoWriMo Day 5: Finally I Understand

Finally I understand
what it is to create a scent
that is uniquely us;

it pervades the bedsheets
with a raisinbread yeastiness
and a passionate wetness
that mean we lay them out to dry,
childlike forts across chairs.

That outer child is something else
we now both understand:

it exists in us
as we laugh into tears,
pursue impulsive happinesses.

Finally we understand
the feeling of speaking
so softly we can barely hear ourselves
but know the other one can,
hearing from lips moving on skin
and tracing love all over.

Waking in warmth the next day,
we understand finally where we are
and what has brought us here
if not why it took so long.

We understand holding
until barely breathing;
we know pure happiness
in everything the other is
and the even greater
everything we are.


Jenni Astramowicz said...

I love this - luscious and lyrical

ms_lili said...

a beautiful and intimate rendering