Tuesday, 11 October 2016

OctPoWriMo - Days 10 and 11


It was in your arms that I unfolded,
Like a fortune teller finally
Giving up its childish secrets.
Papery and delicate, I lay there fragile
Susceptible to your every breath,
But also strong from every fold,
Creating a new structure
To withstand all.
Soon you'd set me down again
And ply me into a paper boat,
Wrapping me for the wind
So as to sail me on the sea,
Knowing that I'd sail soon back to you
Blown there by your breeze.


Our lively laughter prompts the sun to rise
And casts a golden ray across our backs;
These glints of glitter glimmer in your eyes
As smiles make up for everything I lack.
The morning breaks, and yet our worlds are fused
By grass that's gleaming joyful in the dew;
It shimmers soft, hydrogenated muse,
Illumined by the breathlessness of you.
By night our laughter drops to whispers bright
That shine inside the moonlight's silver shards;
Your light words give my spirit endless height
And scatter skies with endless patient stars
That fill my world with lively sparks of you,
That all my days with lightness do imbue.

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