Thursday, 27 October 2016

OctPoWriMo - Days 26 and 27


Abandonment is not a word I'll use
For that would be the greatest of all ruse.

And that as well is not a word I'll choose.

It's my own silent weakness I abused,
Upheld the name of nature's ancient cues.

Inside our mornings' rarest drops of dews
It's love's true nature that we both confused.

Because you took me to new wondrous views
And painted my skies with most radiant hues,
I finally have nothing true to rue.

Abandonment is not the word to use.


I hope I am and always will be
Your most favourite scent.
Not just the jasmine, but just me
And everything I meant.

The days we breathed each other in
Are now both owned and lent.
Respire the rose, remembering
When on us both we leant.

I feel your scent upon my skin.
I touch the papers that you sent.
Remember when we let love in?
Remember where we went?

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