Thursday, 13 October 2016

OctPoWriMo - Days 12 and 13


Strong as the bridges that keep me from you,
Strong as the pain that threatens to crush me,
And strong as the clocks that take time with you from me.

Strong as the heartbeat that sounds out for you,
Strong as the arms that draw me to you,
And strong as the bridge that brings me to you.


I step into your shimmering stream
Knowing the same water won't wash me twice.

Your droplets sparkle in the spray
And spangle my gaze with glitter.

Settling on my face, you crystallise as the sun dries me,
Marked in permanence as a sugared snowflake on my skin,
That wills me to lie down in the current
To be sweetened by you further.

Your words flood my ears as the water rushes,
Echoing the flow of blood, and love,
As we swim.


Linda Ann Nickerson said...

I like both of these!
What a neat idea to put two challenge poems in one post. I've been away a bit, so I am playing catch-up this month.

Today's poem:
Coming Clean. Because a change of season is good reason to let the breeze in

Bianca Pellet said...

Thanks for visiting! I love the first stanza of your poem :)