Tuesday, 25 October 2016

OctPoWriMo - Days 24 and 25


We were not just fantastical;
We were quite formidable.

Our nights took flight
In streaks of light
That left the world behind,
So we could be fantastic.

Perhaps we were fantastical,
But we were not impossible.

Our minds made us a possibility;
Fantastically close to love's reality.

DAY 25 - RED

I have never suited red
The way you suited me;
You blushed me once at seventeen
And that was my heart red.

Far less stark was the silver and rose
That you made me when we went ahead;
A scarlet woman who went where love goes
And to her dreams, instead.

Scarletly swimming in the wine of my mind
I floated in visions of you;
You've reddened me slightly forever, you'll find,
Made purpler by your true blue.

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