Friday, 21 October 2016

OctPoWriMo - Days 20 and 21


We had just the one white night
Where bare a blink of sleep was entertained;
Your bright eyes helped us both take flight
Through pearly words that we've both since retained.

So why no white night since?

Remember my skin of ivory cream
Evinced by hours of moonlight's tints.

Highlight every nuance of my dreams!

I'd like to think the choice is ours
But really it is yours;
I summon up your ghostly powers
To conjure night-time on my mind's white lores.


Nature's calling us with its eternal force,
Propelling us in its insistent wind
Along the path of our love's ordained course.

Around our magic circle is its ring,
Of every element you imagine.

We're fired and melted into our new shape
To keep the sparks of our bright story in;
Crackling, furling in our flower of red crepe.

With our embers brand new earth we make
To in this golden earth forever stay,
While silver eyes make mirrors in these lakes.

Our nature calls; the world is kept at bay.

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