Wednesday, 17 October 2018

OctPoWriMo 2018! Day 17: madness reigns/rains/reins

Madness rains
down around us
and fades into blue.

Our own insanity
reigns, yet makes perfect

We take life's
reins, heliacally
mastering mania.

We barely
notice chaos;
I fade into you.


Esther Jones said...

It's a good day when I have to look up the meaning of a new word.

BiancaP said...

Thank you! As it happens, I had to look it up myself. I knew the concept I was after but wasn't sure of the word for it :p

Sunita said...

The last line is just perfect!

Shuku said...

Ooooh YES SOMEONE USED HELIACAL <3 Also, I love the poem and especially the last line!

BiancaP said...

Thank you!

Varadharajan said...

Excellent use of all the three prompts. Precise and punchy. Well done

BiancaP said...

Thanks - that's really kind :)

Jane Dougherty said...

Very clever using all three meanings. Not sure I even got one.

Unknown said...

I liked it a lot ..thank you ... sr

BiancaP said...

Merci à tous!